The illness


It all starts tomorrow

A meeting

For a big job

A great job

A new life

A new life


Doesn’t that sound nice?


My stomach just made a weird noise

I feel kind of sick

Really sick, actually 

I hope I'm okay...

How am I going to have my new life if I’m always sick?

I can’t live my dream if I’m always on the toilet 

And sweating 


Well maybe there is a way out

I wonder how much Pepto Bismol you can actually take in a day?

Oh no

Now I’m gonna vomit

I’m gonna vomit all over the place

Lose my appetite 

Develop anorexia 

Get so thin people start worrying...

Then they will have to feed me through a tube

And I’ll be put in the hospital 



If I was in the hospital 

I probably could get out of the meeting

Then I wouldn’t get the job

They’d have to find someone else

I’d stay exactly where I am

Never growing or maturing or accomplishing anything really 


I feel a lot better now


I feel better

They aren’t going to put me in the hospital 

I’m not going to get out of this 

I’m going to have to live my life!